Daily Bulletin

Lyman High School Bulletin for Tuesday, May 21, 2019

SENIORS- The bus will be leaving the parking lot at 7:30am for Lagoon tomorrow- Wednesday. Please be on it in plenty of time, We won't be waiting for late people. We should return to Lyman around 8:00pm.

Student Council All Student Council members who currently serve or will serve next year are invited to a pizza party at lunch on Tuesday, May 21st. Please bring your favorite dessert.

Volleyball Tournament Do you want to compete in a volleyball tournament? All you need is 6 people minimum and $60 a team!!! It is on May 30th. Contact Brock Quinney to sign up!!! Refer to the posters in the hallway for detailed information. We hope to see you there!!!

Office News: We are coming up on the end of the year and all school lunch balances, library fines, class fees, and fines need to be paid before you check out. Especially for seniors! If you do not have your fines paid you will not be given your diploma until they are. Everyone needs to find their iPad charging cable and block. If they are not turned in, there is a $20 charge for the cable and another $20 charge for the block. This year book deposits will carry over to next year. Only seniors will be getting a book deposit refund.

Library News:

There are still several students with books checked out. Mrs. Buckner would like to complete her inventory and would like all library materials checked in as soon as possible. If you have a library book still out please return it today.

Mrs. Buckner would like to congratulate the top readers this year, they are-

Dallas Madsen

Sofia Green

Jaxon Peacock

Ashtyn Eyre

Brooklyn Ollis

Lindsay Reger

Come to the library and pick up your prizes!!!

Lunch Menu lunch today is corndog with tots. Breakfast tomorrow is cooks choice.

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